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How many grams are in 100 ml?

Grams and milliliters, or kilograms and liters, are different quantities, so we cannot make a direct so we cannot make a direct transformation. We need to know the density of the food or drink the food or drink whose unit we want to change, in order to apply the following formula. m = d * v. m: mass v: volume d: density To convert milliliters to grams or convert grams to milliliters, just delete the variable we need and we will get the result.

Table of equivalence ml. to gr..

100 ml ofEquivalent to
Water10 gr.
Olive oil81 gr.
Flour55 gr.
Rice59 gr.
Sugar81 gr.

How to calculate it is not easy, with this converter you can do it easily, and with many other units.

How many grams are in a cup of ...?

Depends on what you put in it, the cup has a fixed volume, but the food or beverages that are put into it, will have a different density. A kilo of water does not weigh the same as a kilo of oil, because oil is denser than water.

Table of equivalence grams to centilitres

Olive oilWaterFlourRice
1/4 cup51 gr.63 gr.34 gr.56 gr.
1/3 cup67 gr.83 gr.45 gr.73 gr.
1/2 cup101 gr.125 gr.69 gr.111 gr.
2/3 cup136 gr.168 gr.92 gr.149 gr.
3/4 tasse152 gr.188 gr.103 gr.167 gr.
1 tasse202 gr.250 gr.137 gr.223 gr.
  • The size of the cup is 250 gr. / ml.

Why should I choose a food

The liquids or foods that can be found in a kitchen, have a different volume and weight.You don't weigh the same 100 ml of water as we do of oil. If we do not select a type of food, the results of the conversion will not be correct. I leave you the following table, in which you can clearly see the difference between the different measurements.

Food equivalency table

Olive oil100810,182,86
Garlic (chopped)100640,142,26
Sugar (white)100810,182,86
Wheat flour100550,121,94

What can you do with the kitchen unit converter?

This unit converter, allows you to do all this:

  • Modify the values of the kitchen utensil, and adapt it to your needs.
  • Add to the list, your own kitchen utensils.
  • Make your own equivalency chart or unit chart.
  • Make your own table of equivalents or table of units.
  • Convert from milliliters to grams, or convert from grams to milliliters.
  • Convert from kilograms to milliliters, or convert from grams to kilograms.
  • You can measure ingredients with any measurement system, and check how much that equals in several different units.
  • How many grams are in a tablespoon, how many grams are in a kilogram, or how many grams are in a pound.
  • Convert Centilliters to liters, or convert grams to kilograms.
  • How many milliliters equal liters, or how many Ounce equal grams.
  • Convert tablespoons to grams, or convert grams to tablespoons.
  • You can convert units between: liters, centiliters, milliliters, fluid ounces, kilograms, from grams, ounces, pounds. In addition to convert them to: cups, glasses, cups, teaspoons, spoons, spoons, and any utensils you want to add.
  • It is both, liquid converter and weight converter, and even between the two.

It has never been easier to convert units. Plus, it adapts to your needs. You won't make mistakes in your recipes anymore, because you don't have the right quantities of ingredients.